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Continuous Quality Improvement

Using Data


Continuous Quality Improvement toolkit
This online toolkit is one of the Systems of Care Infrastructure toolkits from the Technical Assistance and Evaluation Center, funded by the Children’s Bureau. The toolkits provide practical activities, guiding questions, and tips and products from the field for the planning and development of fundamental components that lay the groundwork for implementation.

Taking Action: Keys to Using Data and Information (PDF – 700 KB)
This issue of Child Welfare Matters from the National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement focuses on the most challenging aspect of quality improvement (QI) systems — using data and information to improve practice and outcomes. Some components of effective QI systems have been implemented by child welfare agencies — adopting clear outcomes and standards and developing systems to collect data and information.

Today most agencies have a large amount of data and information — from information systems, case review processes, surveys and other sources. Agencies have had less success using data and information to identify and implement action steps to improve performance — but this is the critical component of an effective QI system. This issue highlights different aspects of strong child welfare QI systems — where agencies conduct ongoing analyses and take action that results in improved practice and outcomes.

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