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Develop and Support Families

Support Matters


Family support is an integral part of diligent recruitment.

Efforts to recruit, develop, and support resource families are interconnected from families’ perspectives and should be connected in how a child welfare system works.

Prospective families want to feel confident that your system will help them be prepared to meet the diverse needs of children and youth in foster care. Current foster, adoptive, and kinship families who feel supported by your system can be important allies in recruitment, help prospective parents learn more about caring for or adopting children in foster care, and provide prospective families with a support network.

Support Matters highlights successful family-support efforts of 31 programs throughout the country.

Cover for Support Matters: Lessons from the Field on Services for Adoption, Foster, and Kinship Care FamiliesIn the new AdoptUSKids publication, Support Matters: Lessons from the Field on Services for Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Care Families (2 MB PDF),state and tribal child welfare managers and administrators and staff of family support organizations will find:

  • Information about how promising support services can help with both recruitment and support of adoptive, foster, and kinship care families, including information on 17 evidence-based or evidence-informed therapeutic services and techniques
  • Data about the value of support services for children, families, and administrators
  • Tools and guidance administrators can use to assess the needs of adoptive, foster, and kinship care families in their communities
  • Information gathered from research and from leaders in the field about implementing support services, including forming public/private partnerships, accessing funding, assessing a program’s ability to engage families, and evaluating how services make a difference

Support Matters excerpts

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Featured program profiles

Below are links to a sample of some of the programs featured in Support Matters; these selected profiles give you a sense of the types of program profiles and the information shared in the publication.

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