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Diligent Recruitment

A Parent for Every Child


A Parent for Every Child is a diligent recruitment project carrying out a randomized study of innovative efforts to provide permanency through kinship care, adoption, guardianship or other committed contracts for a minimum of 50 foster care youth with special needs whose parental rights have been terminated. These youth have developmental, emotional and/or behavioral needs and have spent several years in residential facilities operated by the New York State Offices of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Children and Family Services, Juvenile Justice or a Residential Treatment Center.

Each child will be assigned a permanency specialist who will review the youth's needs and use intensive, individual recruitment strategies to find them a permanent resource family. To assess the program's impact, the permanency outcomes for the youth receiving specialized services will be compared to outcomes for those children in the control group not receiving services through A Parent for Every Child.

Project Highlights and Products

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