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Diligent Recruitment

Extreme Recruitment


Extreme Recruitment is an innovative diligent recruitment program carried out by the Missouri Department of Social Services that aims to improve permanency outcomes for children in custody in St. Louis, Mo., and surrounding Counties.

Extreme Recruitment is comprised of three components:

  • An intensive 12-20 week individualized recruitment effort that includes:

    • Preparing the child for permanency
    • Conducting diligent searches to reconnect the child with kin
    • Achieving permanency through general, targeted and/or child-specific recruitment
  • Connector services for recruited resources to the services necessary to make placements successful
  • Evaluation of the project to determine effectiveness in meeting the project goals: service to 150 youth during the grant, ensuring a system of supportive adults for at least 90 percent of youth, and achieving permanency through adoption or guardianship for at least 70 percent of youth

Project Highlights and Products

For more information about Extreme Recruitment, contact Project Manager Sally Howard at