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Diligent Recruitment

Project MATCH


Project MATCH (Making Appropriate and Timely connections for Children) is aimed at finding permanency for children in Kentucky’s foster care system. The Kentucky Department for Community Based Services is targeting the service regions of Eastern Mountain, Southern Bluegrass, The Lakes and Two Rivers by partnering with the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky and Murray State University.

Project MATCH has four overarching goals:

  • Increase the pool of resource parents to more accurately reflect each region’s out-of-home care population
  • Increase the effectiveness in locating and using appropriate kinship care
  • Fully integrate concurrent planning into permanency planning
  • Increase inter- and intra-agency communication between public, private and community stakeholders.

These goals are being achieved through:

  • Targeted- and child-specific approach to recruitment
  • Implementation of a customer service model of resource parent recruitment, selection, training and retention
  • Quarterly regional peer consultation groups
  • Use of respite between completion of pre-service training, approval and placement
  • Collaboratively review permanency data with the courts
  • Fully integrate concurrent planning into permanency planning

Project Highlights and Products