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Diligent Recruitment

A Family for Every Child!


A Family for Every Child!, administered by Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families, focuses on reducing the use of congregate care by increasing the number of kinship, foster, concurrent and adoptive resource families that support the needs of a diverse population of children in care. The project involves strategic planning and coordination with community partners and experienced professionals in private and public child welfare to increase support at the community level toward system change. The project expects to produce a toolkit documenting the model to support replication in other communities.

The major components of the project include:

  • Creating an online Resource Family Center;
  • Expanding the existing statewide navigator resource to increase child specific matches, and building on information from participating Resource Families, youth who have achieved permanency, and diverse community groups to identify the pathways specific to diverse communities to recruit and support Resource Families;
  • Expanding utilization of the existing 1-800 number to support potential and existing resource families;
  • Standardizing an evidence-informed training model and implementing ongoing training requirements for public and private agency staff specific to wraparound, family team meetings, and working with resource families as partners;
  • Implementing a direct service model, which includes (a) expanding existing permanency teams inclusive of resource families and children/youth as developmentally appropriate; (b) utilizing a family team meeting/wraparound process (c) adding family support partners trained in engagement strategies and community resources to enhance family support from entry until permanency is achieved; and (d) introducing a mobile crisis team that would respond at the earliest signs of disruption.