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Diligent Recruitment

Innovations in Family Recruitment in New York (IFR-New York)


Innovations in Family Recruitment in New York (IFR-New York) being implemented through the New York Office of Children and Family Services will focus initially on two regions of the state to plan, implement and evaluate a comprehensive multi-faceted diligent recruitment program for kinship, foster, adoptive and dually certified foster/adoptive homes. The program expects to develop a “recruitment blueprint” for statewide impact which will include a systematic process for gathering and assessing data about the strengths, weakness and gaps in current recruitment strategies and use evidence-based practices to address the needs identified. 

OCFS would like to clarify that the target population for this grant project is youth, ages 12 to 21, who are:

  • Placed in residential care for one year or more, and/or
  • Are legally freed but no adoptive or permanency resource has been identified, regardless of the level of foster care in which the youth resides. 

Innovations in Family Recruitment in New York (IFR-New York) initiative will strive to accomplish goals through:

  • Providing foster and adoptive family resources for youth in group and residential care;
  • Supporting families that foster/adopt children who have experienced significant trauma;
  • Ensuring foster families with diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic characteristics,
  • Identifying family-based resources for legally freed older youth for whom an adoptive resource has not been identified;
  • Using social media for recruitment, retention, and support of foster and adoptive families; and strengthening processes for responding to prospective foster and adoptive parents when they make the first contact with the agency.

Project Highlights and Products

These resources are also available to download: