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Diligent Recruitment

Intelligent Recruitment Project

Intelligent Recruitment Project is administered by The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), in partnership with four community-based-care lead agencies (Kids Central, Big Bend, Our Kids, Heartland for Children), the marketing firm, Gold and Associates, and an evaluator, J.K. Elder & Associates.

Building upon Fostering Florida’s Future, a statewide collaborative effort implemented to improve the quality and availability of foster and adoptive resource homes, DCF has convened an expert team to create an intelligence-driven approach to the diligent and targeted recruitment of families for children in the foster care system. Utilizing Gold & Associates’ “Intelligent Imagination,” a value- and behavior-based multi-layered strategic marketing process deployed for Disney, GEICO, the NFL, and many other Fortune 500s firms, the project is committed to breaking plateaus of child placement and refining the process for identifying and recruiting families who are most likely to foster and adopt children in care.

The project team, consisting of DCF and four privatized lead agencies for child welfare, each responsible for providing child welfare safety and permanency services in one or more judicial circuits, will demonstrate the impact of using proven marketing strategies to identify permanent resource families for youth aged 9–15 in out-of-home care whose parental rights have been terminated for 12 months or longer and are available for adoption (many of whom have been in the system for more than two years). Beyond marketing and recruitment, the team seeks to create new tools to sustain enthusiasm and engagement of prospective resource families throughout the recruitment process.

The project’s overarching goal is to establish and implement a strategic recruiting process that will permit every child to have a permanent home. The project’s secondary goal is the development of a model site that can provide significant evidence-based programmatic guidance to:

  • Develop and implement a strategic marketing-based model for diligent recruitment
  • Improve permanency planning options and outcomes with diligent recruitment programs
  • Strengthen/improve training for newly recruited perspective resource families
  • Enhance the pool of perspective resource families to reflect each lead agency’s population needs