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Diligent Recruitment

The Recruitment and Engagement Cont​inuum 


The Recruitment and Engagement Continuum administered by Allegheny County Department of Human Services strives to further current reform efforts through a comprehensive approach to the recruitment, engagement and support of resource families, especially families for teens. The project will use a data-driven, comprehensive, multifaceted approach to identify the needs of resource families, develop a County-wide recruitment campaign, improve the way in which children and families are matched, support engagement and training of resource families and implement a systemic approach for continuous quality improvement through feedback from youth and families.

Through this effort, Allegheny County expects to:

  • Create and sustain a more representative network of resource families, one that ensures that DHS has a best fit home available for all children in care.
  • Cultivate a resource family network that is better prepared to successfully serve youth, including the most vulnerable with behavioral and medical challenges.
  • Improve the partnership between providers, DHS staff and resource families so that resource families are fully engaged and supported in their efforts to serve children in care.
  • Increase placement stability
  • Reduce reliance on group/congregate care
  • Provide stakeholders with a meaningful role and voice that influences the policy/practice of child welfare and the recruiting and engagement continuum.

Project Highlights and Products