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Diligent Recruitment

Texas Permanency and Family Resource Development Model


The Texas Permanency and Family Resource Development Model is a 2010 diligent recruitment project administered by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The target population of the project includes:

  • Children who are legally free for adoption and children with permanent managing conservatorship without termination of parental rights who are part of sibling groups
  • Children of color
  • Older youth
  • Children with special physical or behavioral health needs

The purpose of the grant is to eliminate barriers to permanency for Texas children in foster care through systems change. The objectives of the project are as follows:  

  • Implement comprehensive multi-faceted diligent recruitment programs for a range of resource families for children and youth served by child protective services as a means of improving permanency outcomes
  • Integrate the diligent recruitment program with other agency programs to facilitate active concurrent planning activities
  • Demonstrate capacity to use the project as a transformative platform for improved system response to permanency beginning at entry in the child welfare system
  • Evaluate the implementation of the comprehensive diligent recruitment programs to document processes and potential linkages between diligent recruitment and improved outcomes
  • Develop identifiable sites that other States and locales seeking to implement improved diligent recruitment methods can look to for guidance, insight, and possible replication

Project Highlights and Products