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Diligent Recruitment

Tools and Resources


Our tools, publications, and other resources can help you as you develop and implement your diligent recruitment plans and programs.

Our Diligent Recruitment Navigator is a tool that helps guide States, Tribes, and Territories through their own process of developing a comprehensive, multi-faceted diligent recruitment program. The Diligent Recruitment Navigator provides suggested discussion questions and people to include in the process of developing a diligent recruitment program. You can customize the Diligent Recruitment Navigator so that you receive suggestions that are specifically tailored to your child welfare system.


Developing Recruitment Plans: A Toolkit for States and Tribes (557 KB PDF)
This toolkit helps child welfare agencies develop data-driven recruitment plans, offering ideas for creating short-term plans, targeted recruitment plans focused on particular populations or areas, and comprehensive diligent recruitment plans. It provides ideas and strategies to consider, examples of ways to develop recruitment plans, tools you can use in your planning processes and adapt to meet your needs, key considerations, worksheets to help you analyze your data and use it for planning, and suggestions for other resources and information to help with developing recruitment plans. It also highlights ways to use other NRCDR publications and AdoptUSKids resources to support your recruitment-planning process.

Using Integrated Recruitment and Support to Build a Strong Pool of Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (139 KB PDF)
This publication presents a vision for integrated recruitment, development, and support of families, including highlighting the benefits of an integrated approach and offering strategies to move toward more integrated recruitment and support. The publication also gives tips on using data effectively as part of feedback loops, addresses specific considerations for various structures of state and tribal child welfare systems, and highlights examples and ideas from the field.

Using the Diligent Recruitment Navigator to Support Implementation and Ongoing Program Improvement (225 KB PDF)
This brief publication shares ways to use the Diligent Recruitment Navigator to support child welfare systems’ efforts to implement and strengthen diligent recruitment programs and plans. It highlights examples of creative ways to use the Diligent Recruitment Navigator.

What is Diligent Recruitment? (164 KB PDF)
This tip sheet provides a list of elements to include in a comprehensive, multi-faceted diligent recruitment plan and program.

Key Findings and Lessons Learned by 2008 Diligent Recruitment Grantees (1.4 MB PDF)
These presentations feature key findings about successes and lessons learned by each of the grantees that received Diligent Recruitment grants from the Children’s Bureau in 2008. The 2008 grantees shared this information with other Diligent Recruitment grantees as they completed their five-year Diligent Recruitment grants.

Using Customer Service Concepts to Enhance Recruitment and Retention Practices (852 KB PDF)
This publication provides child welfare agency leaders with an overview of customer service concepts that can help with recruitment and retention of foster, adoptive, and kinship families. It also serves as a guide for agency leaders in assessing, developing, and implementing relevant policies and practices to support good customer service.

Key Elements and Strategies for Effective Interjurisdictional Work (2.2 MB PDF)
This publication focuses on real strategies and system elements that child welfare professionals have highlighted as being effective ways to support and use interjurisdictional placements in child welfare work. It includes real case studies of interjurisdictional placements and tools and resources to help build agencies’ capacity for interjurisdictional placements.

Agency Readiness Assessment for Interjurisdictional Placements (148 KB PDF)
This self-assessment form helps agencies identify their existing capacity for supporting and making interjurisdictional placements, focusing on the areas of training, system supports, evaluation, and recruitment.

Diligent Recruitment Planning Tool for Tribes: A Tribal Supplement to the Diligent Recruitment Navigator (111 KB PDF)
This tool is designed specifically for tribal child welfare systems, providing an easy-to-use guide for discussions to develop a comprehensive diligent recruitment plan and program. It highlights key elements and information from the NRCDR’s extensive Diligent Recruitment Navigator and offers additional customized content for tribes. This brief tool includes ideas for discussion questions and people to include in planning discussions. It can be used either as a companion to the full Diligent Recruitment Navigator or on its own.


AdoptUSKids photolisting
Whether you work for a public or private child welfare agency, you can take advantage of the AdoptUSKids free photolisting services to manage cases and give national exposure to children, youth and families on your caseload.

Encouraging Your Staff to Use Photolistings in New Ways (619 KB PDF)
A tip sheet for child welfare agency leaders and managers on how to encourage staff to use AUSK photolistings actively and in new ways to search for families for children and youth on their caseload

Featuring Photolisted Children—Selecting Children and Preparing Your Agency’s Response (162 KB PDF)
A tip sheet with ideas for strategies for selecting photolisted children and youth to feature through social media and tips for how to prepare your agency to respond effectively to prospective parents when they inquire about featured children and youth.


Bringing Your Diligent Recruitment Plan to Life: Ideas and Tools to Support Comprehensive Diligent Recruitment Planning and Program Implementation

This 2015 webinar emphasizes the benefits of implementing an active, comprehensive diligent recruitment program and ideas for how to build a diligent recruitment program in your child welfare system.

View the webinar on our YouTube channel
Download the PowerPoint presentation (551 KB PDF)

Data-Driven Diligent Recruitment: Partnering and Prioritizing to Strengthen Your System’s Use of Data

This 2015 webinar helps child welfare systems explore ways to build your capacity to use data effectively to inform your recruitment, development, and support of foster, adoptive, and kinship families to meet the needs of children and youth in care.

This webinar highlighted:

  • Strategies and resources for partnering between child welfare program staff and data division staff
  • Important resource family data elements to collect and analyze to help you understand the effectiveness of your family recruitment, development, and support, and share ideas about different possible approaches to begin collecting and understanding this data
  • A real example from Arizona, a state child welfare system that is demonstrating the power of a strong partnership between data and program staff to inform data-driven recruitment efforts
  • Suggestions for useful tools to support your child welfare system’s efforts to use data to guide your recruitment strategies and implementation

View the recording of this one-hour webinar as a Flash file or on our YouTube channel and download the PowerPoint presentation (3.5 MB PDF).

Partnering for Permanency: Creative Strategies for Raising Awareness About Adoption from Foster Care

This free webinar held on October 2, 2013 was a collaborative effort of the Children’s Bureau, AdoptUSKids, and Child Welfare Information Gateway.

This webinar:

  • Highlighted effective ways that child welfare program leaders and public information officers can partner with each other to develop and implement effective communication strategies to raise awareness about adoption from foster care and support the child welfare agency’s recruitment efforts.
  • Introduced new resources available to support adoption awareness and recruitment efforts, including the National Adoption Month website and new publications to support partnerships between program managers and public information officers.
  • Provided information about the upcoming national ad campaign and ways to localize the ad campaign materials.

View archived recording (Flash – 1:05 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (1.6 MB PDF)

2011 National Adoption Month: Build Capacity to Make Lasting Change

This free 90-minute webinar held on October 27, 2011:

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:20 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (1.7 MB PDF)

Engaging Community Stakeholders: Strategies for Effective Recruitment of Foster and Adoptive Families

This free 90-minute webinar held on July 20, 2011, focused on the importance of partnering with community stakeholders to recruit foster and adoptive families for children and youth in foster care. It highlighted creative strategies several of the Children’s Bureau’s 2008 Diligent Recruitment Grantees are using to do this by:

  • Sharing lessons learned on building effective relationships with community partners;
  • Exploring how community partnerships have helped agencies strengthen their recruitment efforts;
  • Offering specific suggestions to engage community partners.

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:28 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (2.1 MB PDF)

National Adoption Month: Strategies for Permanence that Create Lasting Change

This webinar was held on November 3, 2010 to:

  • Provide tips, tools, and strategies to enhance recruitment and retention plans during National Adoption Month and throughout the year;
  • Highlight components of the AdoptUSKids website as a tool to support National Adoption Month activities;
  • Share creative ideas from the field that other agencies can do immediately and plan for months to come;
  • Identify great new resources for building your agency’s capacity;
  • Introduce the National Adoption Month website  and the 2010 National Adoption Month Capacity Building Toolkit.

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:02 hr.)
Download the PowerPoint presentation (1.45 MB PDF)

In addition to the resources above, see our tools and publications on placement stability and permanency, diverse populations, retaining and supporting families, and CQI.

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