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Diverse Populations

Diverse Populations

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Framework for Managing with Data


Developed by the National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology, the Framework for Managing with Data is a tool to assist agencies in using data to improve outcomes for children and youth. The framework will help you:

  • Engage staff at all levels and community partners throughout the process;
  • Clarify and focus on an area or issue of interest;
  • Consider key questions within your focus that you want to answer with data;
  • Identify and select the appropriate and most useful data to examine the issue and answer your questions;
  • Analyze data to explain what might be driving practice;
  • Select appropriate strategies/tools;
  • Develop an implementation plan that includes data monitoring;
  • Monitor and assess implementation of the plan in relation to the expected results.

Download Framework for Managing Data: An Overview (PDF - 233 KB).

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