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Data-driven diligent recruitment webinar


Partnering and Prioritizing to Strengthen Your System’s Use of Data

View the recording of this one-hour webinar as a Flash file or on our YouTube channel. Also see a list of  responses to questions that were raised by participants during the webinar (PDF - 140 KB).

Webinar description

This webinar from the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment (NRCDR) at AdoptUSKids helps child welfare systems explore ways to build your capacity to use data effectively to inform your recruitment, development, and support of foster, adoptive, and kinship families to meet the needs of children and youth in care.
Many child welfare systems have extensive data on the children in foster care but lack data on how prospective families move through the process from recruitment to licensure or approval and beyond. This webinar provides strategies for advancing cross-unit collaboration and prioritizing data needed to strengthen your system’s use of data. 
Child welfare program staff and data/IT staff are both encouraged to attend this webinar. 
On this webinar we:
  • Share strategies and resources for partnering between child welfare program staff and data division staff;
  • Discuss important resource family data elements to collect and analyze to help you understand the effectiveness of your family recruitment, development, and support, and share ideas about different possible approaches to begin collecting and understanding this data;
  • Highlight a real example from Arizona, a state child welfare system that is demonstrating the power of a strong partnership between data and program staff to inform data-driven recruitment efforts; and
  • Offer suggestions for useful tools to support your child welfare system’s efforts to use data to guide your recruitment strategies and implementation.


  • John McInturf, Consultant with the NRCDR at AdoptUSKids
    McInturf is experienced in the use of data to improve child welfare outcomes and is one of the developers of two new NRCDR resources on using data effectively for recruitment, which will be discussed in this webinar. 
  • Stephen Kibler, Acting Recruitment Manager, Home Recruitment Study and Supervision Liaison, Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS)
    Kibler develops and sets standards and methods for home recruitment study and supervision to optimize the statewide recruitment of quality foster and adoptive families. 
  • Roxann L. Miller, Home Recruitment Marketing and Communication Specialist, Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS)
    Miller serves as DCS liaison to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department. 
  • Lucas Murray, Senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst for the Arizona Department of Economic Security
    Murray is the GIS consultant for the Arizona Department of Child Safety and develops maps and reports in support of foster home recruitment.


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