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Placement Stability and Permanency

General Recruitment


General recruitment strategies help build public interest and awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents for children and youth in foster care by broadcasting the need to a general audience. These strategies focus on drawing in a wide variety of families while setting the stage for more targeted recruitment.


Characteristics of Successful Recruitment Practitioners (PDF – 198 KB)
Highlights qualities many effective recruiters have in common

Improving Recruitment Outcomes: 11 Things a Practitioner Can Do (PDF – 206 KB)
Highlights specific steps recruiters can take to find and keep more foster and adoptive families

Partnering for Permanency: Promoting Adoption through Effective Communication Efforts (PDF – 508 KB)
Highlights the value of increasing the reach and impact of the National Adoption Recruit­ment Campaign and Response Initiative as a way to support agencies’ efforts to raise awareness about the need for adoptive families for youth in foster care.

Partnering for Permanency: How Public Information Officers Can Partner to Promote Adoption from Foster Care (PDF – 479 KB)
A publication for public information officers or communications directors in child welfare agencies with ideas on how they can help raise awareness about the need for adoptive families. 

Media Toolkit for Child Welfare Leaders (PDF – 565 KB)
Provides tips and strategies child wel­fare leaders can use to work effectively with the media and to increase the impact and reach of the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign and Response Initiative, as a way to help raise awareness about adoption both during National Adoption Month and throughout the rest of the year. 

Partnering for Permanency: Working with Your Public Information Officer (PDF – 246 KB)
Helps child welfare program leaders understand the role of public information officers, and devel­op effective strategies for partnering with them to raise awareness about adoption. 

Practitioner’s Guide: Getting More Parents for Children from Your Recruitment Efforts (PDF – 275 KB) / En Español (PDF – 288 KB)
Summarizes promising practices for keeping families involved from the first time they contact your agency until the time a child is placed with them.

2011 National Adoption Month Capacity Building Toolkit (PDF – 2.9 MB)
Provides tips and tools for agencies to celebrate National Adoption Month all year by building both agency and individual capacity to recruit and retain foster and adoptive parents

2009 National Adoption Month Recruitment and Marketing Toolkit (PDF – 545 KB)
Provides suggestions for working with the media to raise awareness about adoption, sample press releases that you can personalize for your community, and ideas and tips for planning special events to celebrate National Adoption Month

Listing of state child abuse registries and related resources
On the AdoptUSKids website, you can now access contact information, links to forms and instructions, and resources that can support agencies in completing required child abuse registry checks for prospective foster and adoptive families who have resided out-of-state. This information is for public child welfare agencies to use when seeking contact information to complete registry checks in other states or territories or obtain international records.

Creating a Permanence Driven Organization: A Guidebook for Change in Child Welfare (PDF – 9.4 MB)
This publication outlines Anu Family Services’ successful effort to improve permanency outcomes for youth exiting treatment foster care. The guidebook details how Anu improved its permanence outcomes by 84 percent since 2006 “through the implementation of evidence-informed practices, significant cultural and organizational change, and extensive changes in practice.” The publication also includes several permanency related tools and resources.

Family Foster Care Reimbursement Rates in the US (PDF – 580 KB)
This report reviews foster care reimbursement levels and practices nationwide. It includes information on how States determine the classification of children and youth or foster families into particular payment rate categories.

Learning & Living Leadership: A Tool Kit (PDF – 2.5 MB)
This toolkit from the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute helps build leadership in child welfare agencies. The toolkit is designed to develop leadership competency for professionals at all levels of child welfare agencies, from caseworkers and supervisors to managers and executives. It is focused on five domains including: leading change, leading in context, leading people, leading for results, and fundamental competencies. The toolkit includes 90 activities and worksheets to address 30 leadership competencies across the five leadership domains.

Family Stories

Family stories — whether presented in person, through video, or in written formats — can be powerful tools in various stages of recruiting and preparing prospective foster, adoptive, and kinship families. Many child welfare systems find it helpful to have access to a variety of family stories in order to present a diverse range of experiences and insights to prospective parents.

AdoptUSKids has a collection of family stories available that you can use, including both written stories and videos. As an example, see the video of the Whyte family’s adoption story.


Make the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign Your Own!

This webinar, held on August 27, 2014, provided strategies, tools, and resources in support of our goal to help raise awareness of the need for adoptive families for the 102,000 children and youth in foster care who are waiting for adoptive families, and to further support States, Territories, and Tribes in their diligent recruitment efforts.
This free webinar:

  • Provided information on the upcoming national ("You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Be a Perfect Parent") ad campaign and ways that your agency will be able to localize the public service advertisements (PSAs) and other campaign materials.
  • Provided an overview of the localization process, including how to request and access free materials.
  • Discussed key tools and resources available to support adoption awareness, recruitment efforts, and a local campaign launch.
  • Highlighted best practices for preparing successful foster and adoptive parents to work with the media in support of your family recruitment efforts.

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:09 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (PDF – 5.6MB)

Partnering for Permanency: Creative Strategies for Raising Awareness About Adoption from Foster Care

This free webinar held on October 2, 2013, was a collaborative effort of the Children’s Bureau, AdoptUSKids, and Child Welfare Information Gateway.

This webinar:

  • Highlighted effective ways that child welfare program leaders and public information officers can partner with each other to develop and implement effective communication strategies to raise awareness about adoption from foster care and support the child welfare agency’s recruitment efforts.
  • Introduced new resources available to support adoption awareness and recruitment efforts, including the National Adoption Month website and new publications to support partnerships between program managers and public information officers.
  • Provided information about the upcoming national ad campaign and ways to localize the ad campaign materials.

View the archived recording (Flash – 1:05 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (PDF – 1.6 MB)

2011 National Adoption Month: Build Capacity to Make Lasting Change

This free 90-minute webinar held on October 27, 2011:

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:20 hr.)
Download the webinar presentation (PDF –  1.7 MB)

National Adoption Recruitment Campaign

AdoptUSKids Public Service Announcements - Local Customization Available

Now in its 10th year, the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign — a partnership of AdoptUSKids, the Children’s Bureau, and the Ad Council — promotes adoption from foster care and raises awareness of more than 100,000 children and youth waiting to be adopted. Each year the campaign is built around the theme "You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent."
State agencies and local networks can request free PSA materials for localization. This site lets you quickly and easily access the media materials you are interested in receiving for your community.

Find out more about ways to use the PSA materials to help raise public awareness about the need for adoptive families for children in foster care.
View all of the PSAs on the AdoptUSKids YouTube channel. Contact the AdoptUSKids marketing and communications director with questions.

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