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As part of our work to help you recruit, support and develop foster, adoptive and kinship families, the NRCDR regularly holds educational webinars and virtual peer-to-peer meetings that highlight lessons learned and share best practices from the field.

Archived Webinars

Archived webinars and peer-to-peer meetings are listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent webinar.

Building Bridges across State Lines: The Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA)

This NRCDR webinar provides to participants a basic understanding of interstate compacts and the ICAMA's role in facilitating states to provide adoption assistance services, especially Medicaid, in interstate cases.

View the event recording on our YouTube channel.

Recruiting, Developing, and Supporting Treatment and/or Therapeutic Resource Families

This online meeting provides states, counties, tribes, territories, and their private child welfare agency partners with information and considerations related to the recruitment, development, and support of treatment and therapeutic foster families.

View the event recording on our YouTube channel.

2016 National Adoption Month webinar: We Never Outgrow the Need for Family–Just Ask Us: Talking With Older Youth About Adoption

As part of the National Adoption Month initiative, the Children's Bureau, in collaboration with Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKids, hosted a webinar in line with the 2016 theme, "We Never Outgrow the Need for Family—Just Ask Us," about how to begin and continue conversations with older youth about adoption. This webinar featured a panel discussion with two young adults formerly in foster care, an adoptive parent, and an adoption professional, about how to have more effective and meaningful conversations with teenagers about permanency.

View the webinar information and recording

Finding Families: AdoptUSKids Photolisting Demo for Professionals

This 2016 demo walks participants through the steps of using the family finding functions of the AdoptUSKids photolisting. The meeting includes an overview of systems-level considerations to support agencies in using the tool effectively.

View the event recording on our YouTube channel

Read more about the demo and access related materials

First Impressions: The Power of an Effective Response System

This 2016 webinar addresses the importance of planning, implementing, and continuously assessing your system for responding to resource family inquiries as an integral component of your integrated diligent recruitment process. Presenters provide an overview of key concepts related to effective response systems and discuss ways in which your response system offers a critical opportunity to set resource family expectations and provide consistent, timely information. They also offer examples of concrete steps that child welfare systems can take to improve their response system and connect it to other aspects of their work to recruit, develop, and support families.

View the webinar recording on our YouTube channel

Read more about the webinar and access related materials

Recruiting, Developing, and Supporting Resource Families in Rural Communities

In this 2016 virtual peer-to-peer meeting, NRCDR’s meeting facilitators provide information about resources and relationships in rural communities, and discuss approaches and strategies for recruiting, developing, and supporting foster, kinship, and adoptive families in rural communities. Participants talk with peers about their strategies, resources, successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

View the event recording on our YouTube channel and download the PowerPoint (PDF – 577 KB).

Localizing the National Adoption Recruitment Campaign (Series)

A three-part NRCDR peer-to-peer series held in 2015 focused on aspects of national campaign localization.

Read more about these meetings and localizing the national campaign.

Bringing Your Diligent Recruitment Plan to Life: Ideas and Tools to Support Comprehensive Diligent Recruitment Planning and Program Implementation

This 2015 webinar emphasizes the benefits of implementing an active, comprehensive diligent recruitment program and ideas for how to build a diligent recruitment program in your child welfare system.

View the webinar recording on our YouTube channel

Read more about the webinar and access related materials

Strategies for Implementing Family Support Services

This 2015 webinar addresses the importance of post-placement support for meeting the needs of children and families, as well as ways that providing family support services can strengthen efforts to recruit and prepare resource families. Presenters discuss different types of support services, approaches to partnerships for providing support services, assessing the need for support, and strategies for implementation of support services.

View the webinar recording on our YouTube channel

Read more about the webinar and access related materials

Improving Child Welfare Outcomes Through Family Engagement: Using Customer Service Concepts to Recruit and Develop Resource Families

This 2015 webinar addresses how customer service concepts can be applied to child welfare systems to strengthen efforts to recruit and develop resource families to meet the needs of children and youth in care. Presenters discuss the benefits of engaging and supporting different groups of key stakeholders ("customers"), including child welfare staff and prospective and current foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

View the webinar recording on our YouTube channel

Read more about the webinar and access related materials

Data-driven Diligent Recruitment: Partnering and Prioritizing to Strengthen Your System’s Use of Data

This 2015 webinar provides strategies for advancing cross-unit collaboration and prioritizing data needed to strengthen your system’s use of data.

View the webinar recording on our YouTube channel

Read more about the webinar and access related materials

Download a Q&A (PDF – 140 KB) providing responses to questions that were raised by participants during the webinar.

National Adoption Month 2014: Promoting and Supporting Sibling Connections

Presenters from the Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKids discuss ways to support sibling connections and find families for sibling groups; creative strategies for engaging youth and families to raise awareness of the importance of sibling connections; and tools you can use to assess and support sibling placement.

View the webinar recording on our YouTube channel

Make the 2014 National Adoption Recruitment Campaign Your Own!

This webinar provides information on the 2014 national ad campaign and ways that agencies can localize the public service advertisements (PSAs) and other campaign materials; discusses resources available to support adoption awareness, recruitment efforts, and a local campaign launch; and highlights best practices for preparing successful foster and adoptive parents to work with the media in support of your  family recruitment efforts.

View the webinar recording (Flash – 1:09 hrs.)

Partnering for Permanency: Creative Strategies for Raising Awareness About Adoption from Foster Care

This 2013 webinar was a collaborative effort of the Children’s Bureau, AdoptUSKids, and Child Welfare Information Gateway. This webinar highlights ways that child welfare program leaders and public information officers can partner with each other to implement effective communication strategies; introduces resources available to support adoption awareness and recruitment efforts; and provides information about the 2013 national ad campaign.

View the webinar recording (Flash – 1:05 hr.)

LGBT-Headed Foster and Adoptive Families: Youth Perspectives

This 2012 webinar highlights research by AdoptUSKids on the perspectives of youth adopted from the foster care system by LGBT parents and shares youth perspectives, practice tips, and resources on LGBT parents.

View the archived webinar recording (Flash – 1:26 hr.)

2011 National Adoption Month: Build Capacity to Make Lasting Change

This 2011 webinar showcases new materials and highlights resources available through Child Welfare Information Gateway and AdoptUSKids.

View the archived webinar recording (Flash – 1:20 hr.)

Engaging Community Stakeholders: Strategies for Effective Recruitment of Foster and Adoptive Families

This 2011 webinar focuses on the importance of partnering with community stakeholders to recruit foster and adoptive families, highlighting creative strategies of several of the Children’s Bureau’s 2008 Diligent Recruitment Grantees.

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:28 hr.)

2010 National Adoption Month: Strategies for Permanence that Create Lasting Change

This 2010 webinar provides tips, tools, and strategies to enhance recruitment and retention plans during National Adoption Month and throughout the year.

View the archived webinar (Flash – 1:02 hr.)